Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cool Business Cards and Business Card Holders

Just flipping through some stuff at work and found these really cool - crafty designer related business cards and some funky business card holders.

Harlow Media - also has a good blog about What Your Business Card Says About You

Card Observer featured this card - describes alot of us crafty people!

Sewing Business Cards

Alot of cool ideas on Jungus including this one from

Poopy Clutch
- awesome instructions for different versions and sizes of this simple business card holder and clutch.

Schlossers Designs - also has a very cte pattern for a fabric bowl in her shop

Tamdoll Business Card Holder - simple and quick, embellish anyway you like!


Danielle said...

These are great inspiration - damn though - I was thinking of doing something with those little travel sewing kits - shows no idea is really original :-)

CGDK said...

wow, what a card great site, I could spend ages there looking.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Some scrummy designs there. I'm off to check out those links.

handmade romance said...

fantastic !! love the J. P. Berg, sewing card x

CaraBee said...

What creativity! I just love stuff like that. I wish I could do that. Or that I needed business cards. Sigh.

(Came by from Heather at This Is The Day via Blogtrotting. You should sign up, I would love to feature you!!)

Anonymous said...

This is great information, thanks for sharing Katy.

I was about to leave a comment earlier, but noticed the title of your previous post as the page flicked over. Had to back track and see if I saw correctly. Yup! Congratulations, lovely news. And a new house. Been busy whilst I've been MIA haven't you? Stay well XO

Jen {The Craft Floozy} said...

Great post! Now I'm inspired to create some cool business cards :)

Muddassar Shah said...

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Anonymous said...

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