Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Crafty Ideas

The time is coming! So i did a bit of a search to get some Christmas Inspiration happening. Here are two Christmas tutorials to get you on your way.

Stitched Christmas Cards at Craft Blog

Christmas Wreath by Holly at Charmed Life


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore that Christmas Wreath. Now that is the kind of wreath I could hang year round.

Leah Spicer said...

Hey, this is great. I love your work. I've been thinking about stitching on paper. I tried it the other night and it works really well. Rock on!
Check out my blog:
I'm new to the crafty blogging community....

CGDK said...

I love that wreath! maybe if I started collecting the bits I could have it finished for NEXT xmas.

so what have you been up to?