Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cloud Trees

Life has been flying past - counting down the days till we move into our new home, and my new craft room.

A dog de-sexing, a weekend in Sydney, a weekend in Melbourne, getting my ovaries ready for making babies.....there has a lot going on but I did find time to make something finally this weekend!

I present the Cloud Tree Clutch.

I designed the repetitive tree pattern, then cut them out of vinyl and burnt a screen for my Yudu.

Design Laid Out on the Yudu Ready for Exposure

This is the screen just after i have burnt it, before washing out the un-exposed emulsion. You can just see the light green areas.

The Burnt Screen

I screen printed some white cloud trees on grey cotton drill, i love the diagonal textured weave of drill fabric.

I then cut out my pieces, along with a screen printed logo on my pocket, and cut out my own pattern, just a rectangle with rounded off corners. I used a pair of old jeans for the lining, denim is good for lining because it creates some weight without having to use interfacing which i find a bit stiff sometimes.

The Inside Pocket

I am very happy with it and will put putting it in my overly neglected Made It Shop this week.

Things i am looking forward to in our new house...
  • My Very own craft room when i can contain my mess (containment, is this just wishful thinking?)
  • Having a happy sunfilled wall with a some funky hooks to hang bags on and take photos.
  • My lush tropical garden view from my sewing machine.
Only 25 days to go!


Kylie said...

Wow Katy - you have been busy! Love clutch and your cloud tree design is fabulous. Good luck with all your moving and baby making ;) Kx

Heather said...

Only 25 days?! That is awesome!

I love the cloud design; too cute.

Good luck with the move, the ovaries and the new craft room. I don't know which is more exciting!

Jen A. said...

Love those trees! They're really cute!

rachel said...

I love that tree design it so funky. The pouch is very cute!!!

rachel said...

ps forgot to say I am insanely jealous about your sewing room.