Monday, August 3, 2009

A Yudu Tea Towel

We have ugly tea towels, quite like Amy at Badskirt... so i decided to make my own!
I bought some cotton/linen blend fabric and pulled out a sketch i made at work of a gum nut tree branch.

I hand cut the design out of a removable self adhesive vinyl scrap i took home (flogged) from work.

Stuck this design to the back of a blank Yudu Screen, i liked how the light shone through onto the fabric just before i was about to print...

and Da Da! One very cool red screenprinted Tea Towel, I made two, now I just need to hem the edges. The design is very rough and quick, but i am very happy with my first prototype.


Amy (badskirt) said...

I absolutely love it. The red really pops against the linen and your design is terrific. It's a great blend of graphic and organic. More! More! Do some more!

Should I be ashamed that my claim to fame is ugly tea towels?

Gina Denholm said...

This is beaut. Any idea what the fabric is like at actually DRYING things? That's my main beef when it comes to tea towels!

cherrie said...

That's great. I think teatowels are like laundries - there is no reason why they shouldn't be as good looking as anything else in our house.

Shelagh G said...

Your YuDu creations are looking fabulous. Am glad you are getting so much fun out of this tool.

Do bring down some of your creations to the shop soon as I would love to see them up close. Perhaps we can talk about a demo workshop for others who are interested in the YuDu?