Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Jeans = New Creation

A new creation! I have found a way to use my Lotus Prints i printed with my Yudu Screen Printer. I took an old pair of jeans and cut out my pieces, i made up the pattern myself! I cut out the lining with one of the back pockets on it to use as a bag pocket, why sew one when one is there already!....

I printed my label on the pocket with the Yudu, i love how i can print on uneven surfaces, it had no troubles with the pocket seams sticking out.
And then i sewed my bag.... this is the lining.

and the exterior..

and one finished Lotus Bag!!
I am very happy for my first one, there are a few things i might change or add in the future, maybe a wider bottom, maybe some larger versions, maybe some pleats on one version.
I am also making two in black with a Japanese print panel which i have then printed the lotus image over the top.

The fabric has gold detailing and the black ink doesn't cover it as well as the fabric design so it shows through a bit which i really like.

I also printed my label on the inside pocket too. Stay tuned for the finished bag...

So there you go
Jo, some sewing for you (she was getting sick of all the Yudu posts, hope i haven't bored you too!!)


jodie said...

Bored - No way. I get so excited when I see you have updated. I particularly love the design printed over the Japanese fabric - it looks fantastic.

Gina Denholm said...

These are rockin'! I'm so impressed, and I love the upcycling factor too. You're doing great stuff.