Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovely Ladies - Lovely Packages

Firstly, Curlypops, i received my beautiful apron!! Check it out!

Perfect for my orange and brown themed 1970s party. Thanks Curly Pops! She also popped in some early 1970s recipes cards as inspiration for party food - the Crown Roast of Frankenfurters is a cracked up! Pop over here for your own apron made from a teatowel...

The lovely puss card is from my next completely surprise parcel i received.
From lovely Tinnie girl, look at that beautiful Butterfly Fabric!! and the vintage buttons!! Gorgeous aren't they? She is selling her last bunch of Tinnies (metal conatiners full of vintage goodness) over here at the moment so don't miss out.
What bunch of generous ladies :-) After a few hard days when i needed a cheer up, they came at the perfect time. The generousity of the blogging community always catches me by surprise :-)

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CurlyPops said...

That crown roast of frankfurters is still making me laugh!