Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet my Feet!!

Don't worry - i'm not going to gross you out with images of my long monkey toes ( i can pick up pencils and pinch my husband with them!)

Meet My Sewing Machine Feet!

I was given my trusty sewing machine by my Grandmother when she went into a retirement home.

Bernie the Bernina is from the 1960's and she just keeps going and going! There is only one plastic part in the WHOLE machine - gotta love that!

It also has one handy storage thingy and LOTS OF FEET. So i thought it was about time that i tried out these feet and see what they can do...

So over the next week or so i will be posting about different feet. The first post later today will be on my hemming feet ...what this space! :-)


.girl ferment. said...

the feet look cute all lined up together.
it is a nice idea to explore them all, i have sewing feet that have never been used

CGDK said...

oh I missed all these on my last visit! I love that organiser thingy on the back of Bernie! I've never used the different feet, maybe you'll inspire me (again)