Friday, May 29, 2009

Generosity + Fabric = Happiness

Look what i had waiting in my letterbox yesterday. I am one lucky lady.

I bought the Red Print "Red Lipstick Palm Panel" from Ellie from Red Seed Studio (a fellow Brisbane Brown Owl). Look what else she put in for me! I had been ogling her "blue fronds" on her blog too and she put a smaple of them in for me along with Fronds in Black and a sample of her beautiful Smoke Swirls. The fabrics are so soft and textured, i am in love.

After having a VERY bad day and coming home a bit sad, opening that parcel up and seeing her generosity, i was overwhelmed with happiness. The blogging and Brown Owl community is so generous, even if you only know people through reading there day to day tales.

You have to check out Red Seed Studios' designs and products, they are a Brisbane Based, Australian Owned company who uses natural, organic and reclaimed fabrics for their products. All their fabrics are hand screen printed in small, limited edition runs.

So just wait and see what i make out of this beautiful fabric, i have been wanting to make this skirt design i have in my head for a while now so i think now is the time.

Thankyou Ellie! You made my day :-)

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Danielle said...

Boo to bad days - glad a bit of fabric love cheered you up - I find a cup of earl grey and a crafting session makes almost anything seem better, well, lets you forget about it for a while at least :-)