Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pay It Forward in My Shop - Glass Pendant

Available in my Made It Shop now is one Glass Pendant for only $0.20c. (Australian Buyers only) No postage. Made by me, from a Glass tile and Japanese paper.

I love it when reading other peoples blogs helps you discover another blog - today over at Designers Emporium they did a post about Crochetroo having a Pay It Forward Poppy in her shop. Well... i had to pop over and pick one up. Maybe i will even get it by Anzac Day

She requested that i then Pay It Forward too so here it is! I hope someone gets it!

I have also listed some other pendants for just $8.90 each + $1.10 postage for Australian Buyers. (Sorry for the strange price, my OCD took over and liked the fact that the total price would be $10 even) They are from the first lot I made and i only have 5 left so pop by and have a look. I am planning to make some more in the near future.

Here is one of the ones now available in my shop. It has a golden background with striking red flowers.


*Sally* said...

How pretty, you are so talented!

le @ thirdontheright said...

very clever you :) and isn't that wee pup growing UP !! have a great time at the show :) le xox

Anna said...

thanks so much for the pay-it-forward pendant! it is gorgeous and i know just the miserable-with-morning-sickness girl who would really appreciate it! (and of course she can still wear it as she gets bigger which is apparently happening at an alarming rate!)
thanks again

Katy said...

Hi Anna, thanks so much! I hope it brings a smile to her face!

CGDK said...

I meant to say the other day - I love your 'on the banana leaf' presentation in the pics too!

ps-what day are you craft show-ing? I'll keep my eye out for you if I get there....