Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Customers

Here is Neve with her strawberry dress, isn't she the cutest!! She loves putting things into the pockets and wore it three days in a row after i gave it to her. I think that means a success!

So her brother didn't feel left out, i got him to draw a monster and then i cut it out of fabric and appliqued the monster onto a singlet for him. It took a few goes of drawing the monster as her likes to do lots of detail in his drawing but we got there, and he thought it was the coolest. I saw the idea on another blog but can't remember which one. My Appliquéing is not the best, i was going for a rough look... (really, i was, it's not coz i'm lazy and had drunk a few beers).


Lilly's Life said...

Clever girl! You are going to Thailand? Oh you will have so much fun!

CGDK said...

the dress looks lovely on and the siglet worked great....but I just had to comment also on that gorgeous tiled wall!!