Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Giveaway!!

Lovely Le at Third on the Right, has another giveaway today! It's one of my decals, Fairy Wrens.

Now what you do with the decal is only limited by your own imagination ...

Fairy Wrens are an Australian Native Bird which is found across south-eastern Australia. The birds are an opaque vinyl that will create a shadow outline effect for your window. Go here to see the whole range.

The birds and twigs are made from a black gloss opaque vinyl. The vinyl is high quality and permanent, so it is not recommended for walls if you want to remove them later, it is perfect for glass.

Stick it in your kitchen window, on the back of your car to spite those god damn frangapani lovers or stick it on the inside of the glass in a frame with a coloour background to create art for your wall.

So go to Le's website for all the rules...


CGDK said...

wouldn't it be nice to see heaps of little birdies on cars for a change!

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Hi Katy!
You can become a Brown Owl by either expressing your interest on the Brown Owls blog - as you did - and waiting until we announce details of the Brisbane group. Or you can join as a Faraway Brown Owl - go to the store link on the Brown Owls blog - and we'll let you know when the Brisbane group is being organised.

edward and lilly said...

This is really cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Heather said...

Katy, I would LOVE a Twilight poster, if you're able.

Here's a deal, you send me the poster, I'll send a copy of the book, if you haven't found it by then.

Keep me posted. And thanks for thinking of me. You are just too darn sweet.

Xiola said...

Hi Katy, thanks for visiting :)

I'm loving your decals, the design is just gorgeous!