Thursday, October 16, 2008

Todays Finds

So many great things out there in blog land at the moment! Here is a selection:

Tips for
Dealing with your Husband at Lilly's Life (Very Amusing!)
Tips for product photography at Making it Lovely Part One & Part Two
Also a more indepth product photography tutorial here at The Switchboards.

The cutest little Capes made by Bellgirl. How do you make something so small with out going bonkers? She has other awesome outfits for the Blythe Doll.

I am loving all the tutorials for making things out of paint samples and laminex samples. The Spoonful of Sugar girls have some little gift tags.

Whimsy Love have how to make paint sample note pads.

and this paint card wallet on Flickr. This is completely nuts!

Juicy Bits has amazing costumes, check these out, she is a major talented and makes the coolest things for her kiddies. For her halloween costumes she said she had to go on a mini sewing retreat and went to a hotel room for two nights to finish them!

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mommaof4wife2r said...

so stinking amazing! i am in love with those little capes and the paint chip notebooks. i want to go and make them now. for now, i'll just remember how to until i have time. wink.

Bellgirl said...

Cool, m ore projects for paint samples! Thanks for blogging my capes too :)