Friday, October 3, 2008

Quick Bloggin Tip

Changing Space Between Lines in Your Post Text

I couldn't wait til next Wednesday to give my next tip! - it's a quick tp, but very helpful.
This tip changes the space between your lines in your post text only, mine were too far apart so wanted to change it, so here is the instructions, but just be sure to always save a version of your template first just incase something goes wrong.

Search in your Page HTML for...
.post-body {

margin:0 0 .75em;



The easiest way to search is go to your edit menu and go "Find" then type .post-body" in and finds it that way.

Your numbers may be different but all you have to do is adjust the number in red, this will change the spacing between the lines. Hit preview and see what happens, just keep adjusting til you are happy!
If you have any troubles with this or get unexpected results, let me know.


Bellgirl said...

Thank you! I'm getting a bit frustrated with all the auto-formatting in Blogger, I'm looking forward to having a bit more control over it.

BTW your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Bellgirl said...

Also, I have a blogging tip request- how do I give my blog a sidebar on each side? I'm using that very basic template, which I like (i'm keen on white space) but I'm wondering if I can adapt it to have two sidebars?