Monday, September 1, 2008

My Mission - Aussie Sites

Okay, to keep me amused at work today it is my mission to find 10 Cool Australian Craft websites, there are sooo many American ones. So i am going to find some Aussie ones!

1. Amitie Great online fabric shop, they also have a blog here

They also stock Audrey and Maude patterns (pick to the left) and they have a blog also. So cute, i think i am going to make the elephant..

2. Living Creatively has an online magazine, that has very interesting articles

3. Kara Smith makes beautiful handbags, maybe one day i will be as successful as this talented lady

4. Nicole M Design is a great website by a lady in Melbourne, she has some funky bag patterns and lots of notion that i am finding hard to find on Aussie websites, like keyring clips, adjustable strap accessories, and my favourite, little pruse kits, ordering some of these next week! She also has a great blog .

5. Ballarat Patchwork Is great, just found it. Amy Butler patterns, and all kinds of things, will have to spend a few hours tonight looking!
6. FIND OF THE DAY!!! Ink and Spindle are going to be a yardage screen printing business, i have been looking for one in Australia for ages, they haven't started yet but you can join the mailing list for updates, very excited about this! One of the ladys also has a blog and some links down the side to some great tutorials.

7. Patchworkoncentralpark have some of the cutest trims in the notions section of their website.

8. SECOND FIND OF THE DAY!!! Kelani Fabric is great, not only do they have a great logo, they have some quirky fabrics and handbag handles and this awesome fabric. Will be buying this in the near future!!

They also have a blog here. Which is now one of my favourites, they are new to the blog arena like me.

9. Cheeky Beaks is a another great blog i just found, she uses some great fabric and has lots of ideas to give me inspiration. She also has a shop here which has some amazing fabric.

Craft Blog is a good aussie blog showing whats happening on the aussie crafting scene. (yes, i know, was suppose to be ten but have found heaps!!)

11. Of Paper and thread has some quirky design for fabric.

12. Spoon Full of Sugar Girls is a great blog i have started going to lots, today they have a great passport holder tutorial.

Should do some work now!! I will be adding images from all the sites tonight when i have time.


Cheeky Beaks said...

Hey thanks for the mention!!

Elissa said...

Thanks for the lovely mention Katy! You are a wonderful sewer and doing so well with your new blog...WELL DONE!
Elissa *Kelani Fabric*

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Love the passport tutorial!!!
Happy Saucy week.

Brenda Jean said...

How very cool! I'm not in Australia, so I'm in envy of these cool sites. I have found out that many of favorite authors are Australian. Sara Douglass, Fiona McIntosh, and Jennifer Fallon.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for the link Katy!! A couple on your list were new to me so am off now to chekc them out! Have a great week.

Kathleen said...

Here's one I just found this week,
Magic Jelly

She does paper collage with vintage papers.

Nice meeting another Katydid!

Nessa said...

What great finds!

Cathy said...

Thanks so much - what great sites you have found - I am off to check them out!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the plug, Katy. Very nice of you to share your finds with us, and it's an honour to be on your list.