Monday, August 18, 2008

So, i have decided to start a blog! I have started reading a few of other peoples (a favourite is and found it to be a great way to share with other people what i have been up too. Currently i am on a sewing frenzy, my Husband thinks i have turned into Martha Stewart. But he also knows i go through these periods and usually get over it.

I was recently given my Grandmothers Bernina sewing machine, which is really old school. I remember my Granny sewing on it when i was younger all the time, and now she can't use it coz she is in a Nursing home i am enjoying giving the sewing machine a new lease on life.

The current obsession - sewing - (first obsession since i met my husband was beading, the nickname during this obession was Rain Man) has taken hold and i am enjoying making bags from free patterns i have found on the internet. My favourite is the Pleated tote bag, found at Artsycraftybabe. It is completely free to download!

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